Sun, Sand, and Sea

Maracas Beach

Soak up the sun and lounge beneath coconut trees at Maracas Beach – the most popular beach in Trinidad. Soak in the sunshine or head straight to the sea for a refreshing swim. Let all of your cares slip away as you unwind and relax at this beach lover’s paradise for a few hours.

Dance to the beat

Panyard Experience

For the music enthusiast and for those who want a true taste of ” Trini Culture”, this tour offers a novel approach to appreciating the “pulse” of our people.

discover the beauty

Natural Escapes

Discover the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, up close and personal with its diverse flora and fauna.

Explore the Capital

Port of Spain City Tour

What better way to capture a ‘snapshot’ of our rich history and culture than through this picturesque tour of the capital city of Port of Spain!

A Rich heritage 

Lopinot Cocoa Tour

Nestled in the hills, you feel at ease as nature unfolds before you. Known for world-famous cocoa, music and more, take a day to relax in natural beauty. 

 Explore The sister Isle


Don’t miss out on the full experience of the twin isles. Enjoy a healthy cross-section of all that the island has to offer.